A Big Leap

I have always been one to play it safe. Maybe too safe, I’ve come to realize. After some thrilling smaller ventures away from my familiar life, I’m ready to take a big leap. Follow along on my volunteer journey to India.

GOOD NEWS!! February 3, 2008

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I am thrilled – it sounds like exactly what I wanted!!

Your Volunteer Placement


 ORGANIZATION NAME- Mother Teresa Orphanage

Partner Program Type – TCKID- Taking care of kids


General Information

Mission and Needs of the Partner Program

Mother Teresa founded THE ORDER OF MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY in 1950. The order, which was established to provide shelter and food for people who were sick and dying in the slums of Calcutta, has expanded its services to many cities throughout India and the world. In addition, the order has also established orphanages for homeless children where they receive shelter, clothes, medical attention, and education.
The facility is clean and well maintained and included an extensive play yard.

 About 120 young children from infants to pre-school age are living here.


Website URL-Not available


Details of the group you will be working with

Age Group- 3-6-8

Gender- Male/Female

Socio Economic Level- Lower Middle – Lower



Volunteer Activities / Duties

·         Taking care of kids, providing lots of love & care

·         Organize activities, including games

songs and arts & crafts.

·         Assist the staff with daily routines such

 as feeding, dressing and changing the children.

·         Be a role model. Encourage and

praise the children while also

enforcing rules of good behavior

·         Pre- School Curriculum (Teaching Nursery rhymes, telling them stories etc)

Goals of the Partner Program


Taking care of kids, providing lots of love & care, Cultural exchange, Lots of new creative ideas



Organise activities through play, Charts , art & crafts activities, pictures, Toys, talks, outings, teaching nursery rhymes, Alphabets, colors, animal names, fruit names, Vegetables names, Pre school activities like learning to share etc.


Useful Supplies

·   CCS provides plenty of supplies for arts and crafts activities (i.e. – crayons, paints, paper, glue, etc.).

·   As people will be very interested in learning about you and your life, please bring “Show and Tell” items, including photos of your family and things representative of your daily life.

·   Please begin brainstorming ideas for recreational activities / games / lessons for the students and children.

·   Special materials* are welcome, but not required. In the past, volunteers have found the following materials useful at this placement:

   Simple children’s materials (i.e. games, books, cards, board and table games, puzzles, etc.).

   Recreational materials (i.e. jump ropes, balls, Frisbees, bubbles, toys).

   Cassette tapes or CDs with basic English alphabets, word pronunciation, and songs.

   Magazines, brochures, and pieces of regalia in English to use as teaching tools.

   Puppets, tolls, or toys for the children.


* If you are not sure if some special materials or supplies are appropriate to bring with you in-country, please review CCS’ Donation Policy (located in your Participant Handbook) or address your questions directly to your Program Manager. 


Work Attire / Dress Code

·   Jeans or khakis (No shorts or skirts) no shorts for male volunteers.

·   Short sleeves or polo, knitted type of shirts (No thin-strapped/strapless tops).

·   For female volunteers- Salwar Kameez (Traditional Indian dress, if you feel comfortable)

·   Close toed shoes like tennis shoes or sneakers (No sandals).

·   Clean clothing without stains, tears or pants that drag on the ground.

·   Hair should be tied back and out of your face, jewelry should be left at home.

·   Please be sure that all tattoos are covered.

·   Please refrain from smoking while working at this placement or around its premise.


* Please keep in mind that the way you groom and dress represents and indicates to the local people how people from your country generally dress for work.



Things to Remember

·   Keep a positive, open-mind.

·   Interact with students and staff.

·   Maintain a good sense of humor.

·   Be patient, flexible, friendly and respectful.

·   Try to observe the routine as much as possible during your first week.

·   Take initiative – Plan activities in advance and ask how you can help.

·   Please be sure to read and review CCS’ Donation Policy (located in your Participant Handbook).


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