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Lazy Day February 19, 2008

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*** I don’t know what’s wrong with the fonts in this post, but people are waiting for the computer and I give up! 

I’ve been kind of sluggish today.  I haven’t been sleeping so well, I go to bed and my mind races and it’s hours before I go to sleep.  I really think that has to do with my sleeping until 11 on Sunday – stupid move that was!  And I realized today the importance of healthy food.  We’ve been mostly eating really fresh foods, fruits and vegetables, beans, rice, whole wheat bread.  Today at lunch they had pooris (I thought of you, Kathryn, your favorite!), which are deep fried puffy breads and I ate THREE of them.  And then I ate 2 cashew cookies for a snack.  Bleh!  Tonight for dinner they’re making pizza and chips.  I think I need a vitamin today!  I went out to the park after work and sat in the sun, reading a book for a long time, and then I went and took a nap, which is the first time I’ve done that.  Lazy, lazy me. 

Asha’s new parents were there today at the orphanage, and I talked to the mom a bit more.  She said the process took them 3 and a half years (wow.) and the child was referred to them, they got a picture of her in the mail.  Asha herself was acting weird today.  She’s usually pretty vivacious and loves to be spun around, dipped upside down, danced with.  Today she clung to us and the Indian caregiver, refusing to go near her new mother.  She came up to me and leaned her head on my lap, sucking her fingers.  I stood up and carried her over to her mother and she started screaming and reaching for me.  This is a girl who was not shy, wanted me to pick her up the moment I first met her, so I suspect she has some knowledge of what is going on here.  It must be so hard for the child to leave behind all that is familiar.  And at the same time, my heart aches for the mom who has waited 3 and a half years for her daughter, only to find that she wants nothing to do with her.  She’s been so patient, playing with all of the other kids, but I’m sure she must be hurt. I know it will work out in the end and Asha will be able to bond with her new parents, but it’s hard to see all of them under stress.

For our Perspectives programming today, we had a sort of mock-up of an Indian wedding. (They called it Ladies Night, which we all thought was pretty funny.)  Andrea was the bride, and it was perfect for her because she’s completely adopted Indian culture and dress, and when I first met her I thought she was actually Indian.  She was completely beaming as they put on the “sixteen adornments”. The woman also gave the rest of us bindis and bangles to wear.  My camera is completely broken, but I managed to get a picture of me and Julie in our bindis.  


I think it’s a given that I need to buy a new camera.  It must take video with sound and not be too expensive.  Any suggestions?  I may just get the one that Mary and Ming have, if I can find it.  I hate to spend the money but I feel like it’s essential that I have a functioning camera while I’m in such an immensely beautiful place. 

Thank you to everyone who has commented, it’s the highlight of my day to read what people have said.  I need to go through and answer questions that people have asked.  Let me know if you have any and I’ll answer them.  I love and miss you all!

 PS: I found Time Out Delhi here, which was so exciting because Time Out New York is one of my favorite magazines back home.  Abbie (and Mrs.Shimada), the food section this week was all about Japanese restaurants, grocery stores, basically everything Japanese!


5 Responses to “Lazy Day”

  1. Abbie Says:

    Oh that’s neat! They have Japanese food in India? Wowow. I would love to find Indian food here. The population is so homogenous, the food is as well. I miss back at school being able to do Thai, Italian, vietnamese, greek, american, chinese, texmex, etc whenever we wanted. It sounds great in india, though the orphanange sounds hard on the emotions. I seem to be in Japan, living yet another squeaky clean sheltered life. Keep up the posting – I love checking up on the blog : )

  2. Mary Says:

    Reading your posts is the highlight of my day, love!

  3. Amy Says:


    I was away for Presidents weekend so I haven’t replied in a couple of days. I just took some time to read what I missed. I am so excited that you got to go to the Taj Mahal! WOW!!
    Can you name the other wonders of the modern world and then let me know when you are going to see them? Maybe I will join you!

    Thanks for all the pictures and here’s to the new camera you most definetly need to buy!

    I will have to print everything tomorrow for Val and Shimada san.



  4. Aileen Says:

    Glad you got to India safe. Sounds like your doing good. I’ll
    be checking in every day to keep up with you.
    I love the pics, YOU MUST BUY A NEW CAMERA :). I want to see more pics.
    Good luck and take care of yourself.
    Love Aileen
    PS see you in Ireland in April YAHOO

  5. Moira and Fred Says:

    Your mom sent this blog to us and we are so glad she did. Wow! We love reading your entries each day and we are amazed at the experiences you you’re having. Keep soaking it all up and keep in touch with all of us…Even our three kids here in Ohio will enjoy reading about their amazing cousin! Love, Moira and Fred

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