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I have always been one to play it safe. Maybe too safe, I’ve come to realize. After some thrilling smaller ventures away from my familiar life, I’m ready to take a big leap. Follow along on my volunteer journey to India.

Much better day February 21, 2008

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I’ll keep it shorter today because I have quite a few pictures to post – I got a hold of Annica and Julie’s memory cards and downloaded some pictures of things I’d wanted to show you but couldn’t.  I just wanted to say that today was MUCH better at the orphanage.  Thanks to all who consoled me.  Abbie, I took your comment to heart and decided that today I would be extra nice to the mean child molester kid.  Sure enough, we got him engaged in a game of catch and he was semi-well behaved, and much more relaxed and happy with us.  I also found out that Indian Mary James is named Mahima, which means something cool that I forget.  All of the kids were much sweeter and we found out that we’re allowed to take them outside to play, so we’re really excited to try that tomorrow.  

We went to the train station to buy our tickets for this weekend’s trip, Rishikesh.   


This was insane and a huge hassle, as people tried to lead us to all sorts of places that were NOT the foreign ticket office, so they could take our money.  I did feel a little bit Amazing Race though.  We finally did find the correct place and bought our tickets.  The train (which includes meals) and hotel for the weekend comes out to less than $10 per person.  It IS India, and everything’s so cheap here, but maybe in the end we’ll get what we pay for!  I’m excited, it will be an adventure no matter what.   After the train ticket fiasco, Sam, Annica and I went to Connaught Place, which is the sort of shiny big city part of Delhi.  There, I finally had McDonalds!  I am pretty anti-McDonalds in the US but a McDonalds with its own vegetarian kitchen is really an exciting novelty for me, for those who didn’t already know of my Indian McDonalds dreams! indianmcdonalds1.jpg 

I got a McAloo Tikki Happy Meal, basically a potato burger with sauce, French fries, a coke and a toy. (A truck with some kind of belt holster.. lovely!) ***This picture looks covert because we were told we’re not allowed to take photos in McDonalds… shh!


In the rickshaw home, Annica asked one of the over-the-top beggar kids who climbed into our car and started grabbing us if she could give US 10 rupees.  The girl was temporarily stunned (crazy little 8 year old or so was saying she had a BABY to feed) and then it kind of turned into a joke and she acted like an actual child for a minute when she realized we were being silly with her.  All of us including the girl were laughing and it was pretty funny. 

 We had an Indian dance performance in our flat tonight that was STUNNING.  We all got to try a few of their moves and my legs will be shaky for days now. 😉  

And now, the pictures!


An elephant walking down a street filled with cars.


Me with a dinosaur made out of rice at Dilli Haat. medinosaur.jpg 

The nursing monkey at Dilli Haat. monkeys.jpg  

One of my favorites, us on a balcony at the Agra Fort.  The guard told us we weren’t supposed to be up there but then grinned and agreed to take our picture.l-r: Annica, Sam, Shannon, Mary, and of course me! agrafortbalcony.jpg 

That’s it for now!

PS: Amy L., can’t wait to hear the news on my “private line”! Elliot, I’ll get you a cow picture as soon as I get a camera! Miss you!


2 Responses to “Much better day”

  1. amy Says:


    Love love love love your pictures!

    I will write you tomorrow with news.



    P.S Are there any places where you can take yoga?

  2. Alyssa Says:

    Not sure what I love most…the photo of you in McDonald’s (a sight for sore eyes) or the rice dinosaur. I am totally loving that.

    Can’t tell you how much we are enjoying your adventure.

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