A Big Leap

I have always been one to play it safe. Maybe too safe, I’ve come to realize. After some thrilling smaller ventures away from my familiar life, I’m ready to take a big leap. Follow along on my volunteer journey to India.

Rishikesh Pictures February 28, 2008

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It was kind of fun having a disposable camera for a little while.  I like the hazy quality of some of the pictures, although I’m puzzled because I took 30 and they only gave me 17.  Hmmm… well, regardless, a few favorites:

Train/prison ride: (first Mary, then Sam)




Monkeys/other Rishikesh dwellers:







Incredibly cute local child + scenery:







4 Responses to “Rishikesh Pictures”

  1. Elliot Says:

    I like the pictures of the monkeys and the cow. What kind of toy did you get in your Happy Meal at McDonald’s? I hope you are having fun. Love, Elliot

  2. Jill Says:

    Hi Amy!

    The girls and I have been reading your blog – they LOVED the picture of the elephant walking down the road – sorry we haven’t written – we think of you often though. Sounds like you are having quite an experience in India. We haven’t had a chance to read through the entire blog (got sidetracked as Emily was busy drawing all over her legs in black magic marker). Will try to keep up with your trip. We are so proud of you!

    All our love,
    Andrew, Jill, Anna, Ella and even Emily

  3. Anna Says:

    How is India?

    Love, Anna

  4. Ella Says:

    I love the elephant walking down the street.

    Love, Ella

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