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I have always been one to play it safe. Maybe too safe, I’ve come to realize. After some thrilling smaller ventures away from my familiar life, I’m ready to take a big leap. Follow along on my volunteer journey to India.

Toilet Museum March 2, 2008

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That’s right.. the other day Julie, Annica and I visited the “Sulabh International Museum of Toilets.”  The museum staff was very excited upon our arrival and brought out the curator, who spent an hour and a half taking us around the one room that is the toilet museum.  He is SERIOUS about his toilets. I looked away for a second at another piece of toilet paraphenalia and was snapped back with a “Ma’am! I am telling you a story about toilets! Please listen!” 

It was awesome and weird and hysterical.  Did you know that stilettos were invented by women stepping over sewage in the streets?  Or that many great wars were lost because of inadequate toilet facilities?  Or that the very first toilet was invented in India?  I left with a free toilet museum CD-ROM and the curator’s business card, in case I find some exciting toilet-related items to send to him.

And now, the gloriousness in a few photos:






(Anything familiar in that one, Amy L.??)


And my favorite picture that was on display:



5 Responses to “Toilet Museum”

  1. Amy Says:


    I’m glad you got the curator’s card so we can show them a picture of my toilet!

    Loved the Stiletto history, and to think I thought they were a torture device created by the inquisiton!

    Missing you,


  2. Dad Says:


    Until now I wasn’t sure traveling halfway around the world was really worth your trouble.
    Not anymore!

  3. Dina and the boys Says:

    Amy, this is great, I will have to show the boys (the elephant in particular). At my first job out of college, I worked for a two graphic designers/historians who published a book called, “The Bathroom, The Kitchen and the Aesthetics of Waste.” In your “spare” time, check out this link http://www.elupton.com/index.php?id=41
    and you can see an introduction to the book!

  4. Alyssa Says:

    I wasn’t sure anything could ever come close to a museum we visited in Reykjavik years ago:


    This toilet museum is pretty special. After seeing your photos, the children are convinced that Lila should be able to use the toilet for more than a 24-hour open bar. Stay tuned.

  5. Amy Says:

    Dina, I found some spare time today (I was napping and everyone left without me – boo!) and got to read that introduction. I loved it! How fascinating, it put forth so many things I’d never really thought about.

    Alyssa, wow, I think your museum wins in the weirdest museums contest! I especially enjoyed this tidbit from the website: “It should be noted that the museum has also been fortunate enough to receive a legally-certified gift token for a future specimen belonging to Homo Sapiens. ”

    And I think Lila can SO potty-train. I’m always amazed at the time she dug a hole EXACTLY the size of her body when we were on the beach.. surely she can figure out how to use a toilet!

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