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I have always been one to play it safe. Maybe too safe, I’ve come to realize. After some thrilling smaller ventures away from my familiar life, I’m ready to take a big leap. Follow along on my volunteer journey to India.

The Pictures You’ve Been Waiting For! (sort of) March 6, 2008

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Well, I’m still cameraless, but we brought Annica’s camera in to the orphanage today.  We weren’t having much luck with pictures coming out clear, but we did get some that I can finally share with you!

First, the famous Pinki!  I looked awful so I cut myself out of it.  She’s still not quite recovered from her illness and she didn’t smile today.


Pinki again:



My other beloved child, Nikhil (aka Indian Chris James), with Annica’s beloved, Adesh:


 “Monica”: (her name is Poonam, but she always looks at us and screeches MON-I-CA!” so that’s what we call her)


 Moona (he has the most severe of the limb differences – “Monica” also has one leg where basically a foot comes out of her hip)



Bitu, aka “Charlie Bubba Chubcheeks”.  This is one of the cutest children I’ve ever seen.  We were SURE she was a boy for so long, but she’s a girl.  She loves to say “goo goo gaa gaa”, which I love because it’s like the standard baby noise but you never *actually* hear babies say it.


Her with Adesh knocking over a stool on the left:


Joy – one of Annica’s most beloved.  We think “Joy” is his name but we wish it was Joey.  Joy is kind of ironic because he’s always crying and reaching his arms up to us.  He says “didididi” in this high pitched voice.  He’s fussy but we love him!


Ajay, aka my sick boy.  I doubt it’s BECAUSE of all my prayers for him, but I thought he was on the verge of death the other day and he seems to be bouncing back.  Today he was outside playing on a tricycle!  I came up to him and instead of reaching his arms up to me weakly he said a firm “no.” and scooted off.  I was so excited that he could move around and have energy.  I suppose he’s turned a corner.  Here is the aforementioned “deer in the headlights” look:


A beautiful example of “Monica” sitting patiently for one of her daily lice-pickings: (this is one of the nicer caregivers)


Me holding Nikhil and Monica while Joy runs at me: (ignore the ridiculously baggy, wrinkled clothing)


And a final picture of what’s usually the end of our day, lunchtime.  Hopefully I’ll be able to take more tomorrow on my last day (I’m so, so sad.)



2 Responses to “The Pictures You’ve Been Waiting For! (sort of)”

  1. Kathy S. Says:

    HI Amy..I am loving reading your stories. I am sorry I have been so busy with parent conferences I haven’t had much time to respond.

    But I am enjoying reading everything you write and love the photos..and so thanks for sharing.

    We are missing you at school…but what an adventure you are having.

    Take care..Kathy

  2. Mary Says:

    not that Ican have a favorite after only looking at pictures, but omigod nikhil!!

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