A Big Leap

I have always been one to play it safe. Maybe too safe, I’ve come to realize. After some thrilling smaller ventures away from my familiar life, I’m ready to take a big leap. Follow along on my volunteer journey to India.

Two exciting things April 6, 2008

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Last night, for the first time in 2 months, I put my toothbrush under the tap. And it was blissful. No more brushing with a water bottle!

And I just woke up in London to see that it’s snowing!  Big, fat white flakes.  So beautiful and strange after 2 months of sweating in summer heat.

Now will go to Starbucks, have breakfast and hopefully catch the train to York!

(PS: Kathy, too funny! I must be the only person who’s never read Harry Potter. Maybe it should be my mission when I get home. And happy baby shower to Eira!)


4 Responses to “Two exciting things”

  1. Dad Says:

    Happy breakfast , my dear!

    Don’t forget the Marmite!

  2. Dina and the boys Says:

    Ooh, MUST-READ-HARRY-POTTER…too bad you didn’t have it with you for your trip! Can’t wait to see you! I will sing you a welcome home song on the guitar…

  3. Bob Dressel Says:

    Welcome to England. Glad you are safely there with so much fun yet to come.



  4. Abbie Says:

    Wow two monhs passed so quickly! I hope you’re enjoying London and friends. It must be strange being back in the west!

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